About Us

Introducing Chicago Pneumatic

It is simple, really. You have work to do, customers to serve. CP is there to help you get the job done, without compromise. Our pledge to you: People. Passion. Performance. At Chicago Pneumatic, our goal is to deliver best-in-class global service and local support to our vehicle servicing, industrial and construction customers through a dedicated product portfolio and a strong network of authorized distributors. We generate added value by delivering the best solution to your needs based on our decades of experience. What does our mission mean to your business? In the end, it is all about powering your productivity. CP helps make tough jobs easier.

Reliable, robust compressors and tools for vehicle servicing, manufacturing and construction

A powerful mix of decades of experience and the drive to innovate, to provide you with the right equipment and services

A global presence for strong local support, including 100% committed distributors

Added value with a passion for your business

  • Products: reliability, ergonomics, safety, robustness and ease of use
  • Service: best-in-class support with fast local service
  • Expertise: expert advice based on decades of experience, from factory to field, through certified quality testing and training
  • Pricing: best value for money
  • Parts: original spare parts and services
  • Availability: fast and easy delivery through a dedicated global production and distribution network

Evolution of Chicago Pneumatic Logo since 1904

1894: Foundation of Chicago Pneumatic
1901: Manufacturing of the first air compressor in Franklin
1930s: Chicago Pneumatic tools and equipment are used to build the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate bridge
1943: Famous “Rosie the Riveter” poster showing a Chicago Pneumatic riveting hammer on her lap
1960s: Chicago Pneumatic customizes tools for the production of Boeing and Concorde. World’s first speed ratchet was introduced by CP at Ford Motor Company in 1969
CP Today: Global brand that offers products for almost every industry Chicago Pneumatic has since decades a heart for the automotive industry: we understand the needs of maintaining and repairing cars. We develop, produce and provide the right compressed air and aftermarket solutions that meet your toughest demand as an automotive professional. Chicago Pneumatic is the perfect partner for your needs. From the smallest quick fi x task to the largest truck tire service garage, ChicagoPneumatic keeps your business running just the way you want it.